Address: Gagliano Aterno


The current building is the result of work over many centuries.  It has a rectangular floor plan with a single hall and features consolidation structures along the right-hand side.  
The facade, with a straight crown, has at the centre a portal with a lunette and a semicircular stone frame with egg shapes and corner ledges with foliage.   On the lintel is the Bernardino monogram.  
The door is flanked by two tile windows with iron grates and is topped by semicircular stone arches. In line with the central axis of the facade is a small belfry dating from the 18th century.  Inside the church is an altar with a stone Renaissance triptych and a lancet window on the right-hand side.

Historical Notes

This is the oldest church in the village. It was built on a cliff and dates back to the 11th century. Initially it was dedicated to another saint and then in the 16th century it was restored and then rededicated in the 17th century to St. Rocco.